Help us prepare the next generation of Sports Medicine and Shoulder Specialists!

        Tremendous advances have been made in the field of sports medicine during the past twenty years and many more destined to evolve over the next decade. Advances in minimally invasive surgeries, biologics, tissue and genetic engineering, robotics, and biomechanics will allow us to relieve pain and restore mobility ever more effectively.

        Your physicians and surgeons who comprise the section of Sports Medicine at Rush University Medical Center are not only dedicated clinicians; they are prominent researchers and educators, actively involved in training other orthopedic surgeons locally, regionally, nationally and internationally. The immediate next generation of sports medicine specialists are trained by our staff at Rush. Since 1988, we have trained over 55 sports medicine fellows, many of whom are emerging leaders in the field. This program attracts the "best and brightest" with over 125 applications annually for five vacancies that include four fellowships in orthopedics and one in primary care sports medicine. We have former fellows who are on staff at the Cleveland Clinic, Harvard, Baylor University, University of Connecticut, University of North Carolina, University of Kentucky, RUSH, The US Naval training Program in San Diego, the US Naval Training Program at Bethesda, and Cincinnati Sports Medicine among others. These doctors are educating and training their own residents, conducting their own clinical and basic science research, as well as acting as team physicians for their respective universities. Additionally we have other former trainees who are now team physicians for several professional baseball teams, University of New Hampshire, Providence College, among others. One can readily appreciate the sphere of influence that our educational efforts as surgeons have on patients outside of our own practices!

        Reduced governmental support along with diminished corporate research and educational grants present funding challenges for all training programs. Increasingly private support from individuals and families provides the margin of difference that help us meet the $1.2 million annual budget of the fellows’ program (Salaries, benefits, CME meetings, malpractice premiums, administrative staff, research personnel, capital expenditures). We need your help.

        If you are a grateful patient interested in supporting our research and educational endeavors please contact Jay Frey, 312-942-6567,, Rush University Medical Center, Office of Philanthropy, 1700 W. Van Buren St, Ste 250, Chicago IL 60612. Donations made payable to Rush University Medical Center can be directed to Mr. Frey specifically for Orthopaedic Sports Medicine Research and Education Fund (Fund #62117). Contributions are tax deductible to the extent provided by law.